• Bank Name:BB&T Bank
  • Bank Class:Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
  • Member FDIC:Certificate #9846
  • Locations:2090 Branches in 16 states
2.7 / 5
  • Rating 2.70/

BB&T Bank has an overall customer satisfaction rating of 2.7 out of 5 stars based on 23 votes and 7 reviews & complaints for 2090 branches.


BB&T Bank is classified as a commercial bank, state charter and Fed nonmember, supervised by the FDIC. BB&T Bank is a FDIC-insured bank with certificate number of 9846.

BB&T Bank currently operates with 2090 branches located in 16 states. The bank has most branches in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania and Maryland. As of today, BB&T Bank is the 6th largest bank in US by branch count. BB&T Bank is the 1st largest bank in Virginia with 354 branches; 1st in North Carolina with 352 branches, 6th in Florida with 319 branches, 5th in Pennsylvania with 166 branches and 3rd in Maryland with 157 branches.

Below you can read unbiased reviews, complaints and comments for bank branches or BB&T Bank in general. 7 bank customers submitted a review with ratings. Users also submitted 16 votes for the bank without a full review.


Janice Wilson McFarland · 5 December 2016
Branch review: Forest City Downtown Branch

Very Dissapointing. I was trying to get all information to file my husbands estate and was refused signature cards. After going to court house and getting forms to pick up signature cards I was treated like dirt under shoes by Ellie. I will be closing my account there along with my son and going to State Employees Credit Union. They ARE super nice there. Act like they appreciate my business.

Gene Binder · 7 October 2016
Branch review: Onion Creek Branch

What bull shit... I have tried to call but only number available is the city bank national number..And calling that lead to a night mare of mixed messages. How hard is it to make the local number available to your customers... I live in Onion Creek and might as well live in Lubbock to get service. what a screwed mess/

Eileen Fusaro · 29 September 2016
Bank review

I could write a short story about b.B.& T...They are the worst bank that i've ever dealt with in all my 60 some odd years of my life. They had 3 different $25.00 dollar fees that they took out of our checking account, so my husband and i went up to the local branch in milton to find out what they were for and they checked everywhere, even the head bank and they said that no one had any idea where they came from??? So, they had to get permission to refund the money, but they were only permitted to give us back $50.00 instead of the full $75.00, even though they still had no idea where those charges or fees came from...It didn't make sense? So we were ripped off. Then another time, they didn't pay my electric bill, which we are on a budget plan and if we miss a payment they can make us pay the full amount, so i didn't know that happened until i received my bank statement. I deducted it out of my check book register, so i assumed every-thing was fine. But it was anything but fine...Because they forgot to pay it, now we are a month behind and being told that they will take us off this budget plan if we don't pay the extra payment that the bank just happened to overlook!!!! Between august and this month of september, we have been charged a total of $180.00 dollars for overdraft fees, that i had no idea about once again... According to my check book register, everything was accounted for and everything should had cleared, but not when it's this rip off bank that takes care of our money, nothing hardly ever equals out at the end of each month..I know quite a few people who have already left this horrible bank and we are about to do the same thing.. No more ripping us off for ridiculous charges that we didn't even know about, no more bills being left unpaid and no more unrealistic differences in my balance compared to theirs... And no more being charged to talk to a representative on the phone. I believe you're allowed 2 calls a month for free but then they charge you to speak to a rep... I can't believe this bank can get away with such dishonest dealings with their customers??? All i know is, i truly miss susquehanna bank, what a loss it was to have them sell out to b.B.& T... Hope you all really look into what this bank does and believe me, my neighbors also had the same problem with the bank not paying some of their bills that they paid on line... Be careful and watch your statements closely... God bless and i hope this helped others....

Oh. P.S. They did give us back $72.00 dollars tonight but that's a one time courtesy and that only happens once every two years...Wow!!! Generous, aren't they..????

Frank Johnson · 1 September 2016
Branch review: Hazleton Branch

HORRIBLE LOCATION! No parking out front. Park in back and have to cross train tracks, the actual tracks! Not a crossing! Into a rear entrance out of an alley! REALLY? THEN HUGE LINES! With the worst of inner city element in full form. I am a grown man, 5'10" 200+lbs healthy built and scared heck out me to walk out of there with cash on me. NEVER AGAIN

Sandi Pitrelli · 1 July 2016
★★ Branch review: La Plata Branch

Personal service is difficult for the La Plata Office.

Kathy McGill · 29 March 2016
★★ Branch review: Ooltewah Branch

Blonde female manager is rude and does not have good customer service skills.

Dominique Montoya · 14 January 2016
★★★★★ Branch review: Conway Main Branch

I couldn't be more pleased with the choice I made to use BB&T. The staff has been exceptionally helpful and kind. I look forward to being a customer for a very long time!

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