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Mark Young · 1 July 2017
Branch review: Decatur Branch

I have been with Buena vista bank formerly bank of warrensburg since about 2000.. I have had many loans for a variety of things in those 17 yrs... In 2013 I had a family issue arise in which I lost my wife and became the sole parent of my then5 yr old daughter.. with the loss of the two incomes finances became very difficult.. prior to this happening in all the yrs having been with the bank I had never defaulted on any loan or had never even missed a payment of any kind infact most loans I had had been paid early... being a single parent and limited in my ability to work full time due to a diagnosed disability I ignored drs. orders and continued to work as much as I was physically able without being hospitalized.. this diagnosis led to my forced retirement from law enforcement... so now I lost my wife, my career and was now a single father all this was known by bank officals and I must add that the bank was very understanding and helpful given the situation i.e. rick hamm, dave and marcy binkley.. to whom I own many thanks... I continued to work a side job and saved and stayed in contact with the bank as I had fallen behind on my home loan due to the situation and chose to feed and care for my young daughter and was forced to pay smaller or partial payments on my home until I was able to form a solution to bring all things back to current status... I was finally successful in doing so all at one time and payments have been current now for almost a year and a half... ive now been with a great company for over a year and have a very well paying job... wich of fri june 30th 2017 led me to call the bank to secure a small loan less than 3000$ as ive been offered a new position in the company after have been named employee of the month with a major corporation with whom I'm employed. this position requires some travel so to save on expenses I wanted to purchase a smaller vehicle to save on gas and other expences... when I called the bank I was told that the loan officer I had done business with for the last couple yrs was no longer at the bank and that the new loan officer was Gregg... I left a message for Gregg and he returned my call... having never met or spoken to this Gregg I as I always do extended the common courtesy and introduced myself even on the phone.. I said my name and said it is nice to meet you to which he replied yes what do you need which took me aback as that seemed a bit calace and cold, i tolh Gregg that I wanted to get a small loan gave him the number, his response was quote: I'm lokking at the history of yours right now and see that you have been late several times and I have no tolerance for that at all:end quote. I began to explain what had happened and that I HAD FIXED THAT A LONG TIME AGO AND MY LOAN is and has been current foe well over a year now . Gregg cut me off as I was beginning to explain this and stated quote: yes I know ive heard all the excuses end quote: he then futhur add that he goes by history to which I advised Gregg that if he was looking at history then he can see that before the tragedy that befell me that I had had many loans with the bank over a 17 yr period and I had never defaulted or even been late on any loan I had ever had..that seemed to make little difference,,he then stated that I could fill out an application and he would look at it but then he stated again that he goes by history ..all this was said to me not in a understanding manner but rather in a manner that said to me that he had already decided that he wasn't ever going to approve any loan and soke to me with an attitude like I was being chastised as a child by a perent...I then asked Gregg to mail me an application as the bank is some 30 miles from my home he stated he would send the application ,I said goodbye and hungup....as I continued to think about what just occurred I continued to realize just how offrnded I was by not this man doing his job but how offended I was by his entire demeanor and his entire attitude ,,I hope he doesn't treat all people that have any isssues in this manner ,,I have never in all my yrs with this bank been spoken to like that by anyone ..He came off as though he is some sort of better than us regular people and that i wasnt worthy of any consideration ....I then decided to call the warrensburg branch as i had known these people for many yrs and spoke with marcy binkley and explained to her what had just occurred.Marcy agreed that infact yes i had brought my loan current over a year ago and she apologized for my having been spoken to in such a manner and suggested my leaving this review on this page she is aware having done business with me for many yrs that i dont tell stories and that i have always paid my loans in good standing.....So in closing it is my intention to secure my home payoff with another bank with whom i do business and cut all ties with buena vista bank,, ill warn all prospective loan customers that speak to gregg ,that keep or record all calls.

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