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Heidi Becker · 8 January 2019
Branch review: Potomac Mills Branch

This bank location is the worst, they were not helpful they told me wrong information. I called the contact center and they read me thre policy on coin rolls and it was not at all what this bank had told me ..they make up their own rules because they are lazy and the manager was just walking around not helping anyone leaving her teller to run the floor and manage the line of people

Allan J. Kuipers · 8 January 2019
Branch review: Mill Creek Branch

I have lived in Mill Creek for 19 years and this is the worst customer service branch I have ever dealt with. Half the time the drive through banking windows are closed and no sign has been put out to tell customers it is closed. They continue to be short-handed with personnel, as pointed out by the tellers, yet nothing is done to alleviate the problem!

Larry Tremer · 4 January 2019
Branch review: Hazlet-Holmdel Branch

one of the worst banking esp.i have ever had the bank manager yelled over the counter excuse me do you work here after i questioned her ! the two tellers next to her corrected her she then said we can refuse to cash a check for any reason ,ultamatly the teller cashed the check after correcting her again ! Betty Stacey i belive your name is your one nasty sob and should not be working there and and as manager .this is why i left bank of america over ten years ago

Joe Tenedora · 4 January 2019
Branch review: North Morgan Hill Branch

Worst service both branches in Morgan Hill. Rude, Snobby. Workers think their upper class. Friken Joke ! Next time I go in there with my father in law, I'm gonna tell the manager she needs to train her staff, just because we come in wearing regular clothes and not wearing a suit, doesn't mean we're not Good customers or they can treat people like second class because the Pre- Judge is. Don't patronize this place .

Jade Taylor Maldonado · 3 January 2019
Branch review: Milford Green Branch

Use this location if you enjoy waiting 20 minutes and to be treated with an attitude

Leigh Storz · 2 January 2019
Branch review: Roseville Square Branch

My elderly parents (late 80's), went to the Roseville square Bank of America branch this morning. They were refused help, and my Mom left in tears. They cannot hear to do business properly on the long automated phone systems, are not computer literate for online banking, do not have a cell phone, and all they wanted to know was the amount of their government retirement money check as there was a cost of living increase, and they did not get notification in the mail on the new amount. They also wanted to order more checks. They were told they needed to have an appointment and none was available until Friday - 2 days away. They have been customers for at least 30 years. Businesses now a days are not helpful to the elderly and should be more considerate and helpful to them, in my humble opinion.

Paula Moreno · 31 December 2018
Branch review: Blackhawk Branch

This branch always has long lines and never enough tellers.

Benita Griffin · 30 December 2018
Branch review: Pompano Beach Branch

You need to review your employee verbally attacking a motorist for being a Trump supporter. It's on facebook. Are these the type people you employ? Must not be the Bank of America if we can't support our own president without being verbally attacked

Chris Russo · 26 December 2018
Branch review: Cove Road Branch

Absolutely the worst. Horrible customer service. To charge people $8 to cash a check if you don't have an account is ridiculous. I told them I would open an acct and then withdraw all the money and close the acct to avoid the fee, and they actually told me I would have to keep the acct open for 6 months before I could withdraw any money. What? The mgr then came over and told me to have a seat for 45 min to an hour before they would help me. What a joke this place is. Avoid at all costs.

Peter Carabetta · 21 December 2018
Branch review: Indian Harbour Beach Branch

What a big disappointment!!! one teller behind the counter and 6 customers in front of me and 3 customers behind me.. At 3:30pm.. i had to leave. Waited too long. What happened to the great customer service ??

Ali King · 13 December 2018
Branch review: Sonora Branch

Bad customer service and treatment of their customers.

Beverly Hale · 3 December 2018
Branch review: Lompoc Branch

I have tried calling mulitiple times this morning, where are the bankers?

Aram Bedrosian · 30 November 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Montvale Branch

I just spoke with Helen, of your branch and she helped me understand what steps are necessay to change my account(s) numbers due to fraudulant activity. It really put me at ease, and now have a person who I can trust, who is familiar with situations like this one.

Hayley Miller · 16 November 2018
Branch review: Gilbert & Germann Branch

I went in to cash a check from a prominent business. I was not a BoA costumer but I had cashed checks here many times in the past. The teller said she thought they couldn't cash the check because it was "over their limit." I asked "What their limit is?" and she said she couldn't answer that. She then took the problem to the manager, Naz Rodriguez. This "lady" immediately took an attitude with me and basically kicked me out of the bank. I was in shock. I had never been treated so rudely by any business. Ever. I don't know whats wrong with this woman l, but I actually feel sorry for her. She is obviously a very sad and pathetic being that needs help. But in the meantime, she shouldn't be around the public.

Sioux Conway Lass · 10 November 2018
Branch review: Concord Branch

Bank Of America sucks.... Tried to deposit CASH into my daughter's account, and the teller would not accept cash! She said it was "bank policy". When I tried to call Bank of America to find out WHY they do not accept cash deposits, I could only talk to Bank of America if I had an account there!

Arleen Bench · 7 November 2018
★★ Branch review: Transit Road Branch

Trying to call to see if I need an appointment now to get cashiers checks for a house closing but all I get are ads and redirections on the phone. I have to be out of there by 10:45 AM today so I will be there in about an hour.

Roberta Hladek · 1 November 2018
★★★ Branch review: Tropicana & Fort Apache Branch

I bank here every week for my business and the last month each time I go in there are homeless people hanging out in the bank. The stench is unbelievable. It is a bit unnerving and for security purposes I would think they would discourage this.

Dan Ehorn · 26 October 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Galena Branch

Very friendly and helpful, great customer service

Marc Opfell · 25 September 2018
Branch review: Oradell Branch

Nice enough hard working people behind the counter but NOT a "full service" office as the branch manager has shut the drive up window service? As this isn't bad enough most times the staff behind the counter is just one person so when the line gets 4,5,6+ deep the wait can be up to 15 minutes or more? Why wouldn't the branch manager stop what she's doing and work the counter to serve her customers? The answer is NEVER! Guess beneath her. Terrible manager, poorly run branch......go across the street to Chase, great customer service, never a line, always drive up window. Poor representation branch of BOA. What is the district manager doing on a branch visit, sitting having coffee? I've called customer service with my displeasure of how this branch is run and treats its customers but nothing has changed. Marc O. 551-265-0700

David Harleyson · 24 September 2018
Branch review: Hilltop Branch

Tried calling in hopes of speaking with a real person...... no way! They don't answer their phone, instead relying on the automated system to take care of customers needs. Well here's a comment..... it doesn't take care of customers needs and is very frustrating trying to conduct business. This is why the big banks loose customers in favor of the smaller banks. So sad.

Urmi S Roy · 21 September 2018
★★ Branch review: Preston Lakes Branch

Hello, We have been customers for more than 9 yrs for this Preston Parker intersection branch in Plano, Texas. When we opened new accounts, they told us that we'll get a FREE safety deposit box for each account as Platinum members.Over the years, they have charged us for one safety deposit box and my husband did not pay attention. When I spoke to the bankers, they told me that they couldn't even find how much they charged, no record whatsoever! how is that possible? I've worked in customer service and we usually have records of purchases once the customer has been to the branch and purchased a product or a service and being a 'bank' they should keep a track of all transactions?
They told me thatr I have to look for the receipts so they can look into and redfund me the money that has been wrongly charged!

Courtney Soriano Nammour · 16 September 2018
Branch review: Tustin Branch

*** *** is an extremely unprofessional and disrespectful employee. She tries to rent houses out to people while collecting unnecessary fees with no intention of ever allowing the person to be a tenant. She is horribly rude and is very unknowledgeable. I DO NOT recommend going to her for a loan or ANYTHING else. Stay far away.

Ann Loranger · 9 September 2018
Branch review: Saco Branch

Shutting down your drive through is yet another reason to close my account and move to a different bank.

John Bronson · 7 September 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Spring Hill Branch

We've been customers at Bank of America for years and have visited numerous bank locations over that time to conduct business.

NEVER have we had such EXCELLENT service as we received yesterday from Kayla Martine!
We explained our situation. She readily understood and before we could blink she had the perfect resolution! We watched as her fingers were a flurry tapping away at her computer keyboard. In a matter of mere moments she looked at us, smiled and said "All done!".

Not only that, but she realized that we were NOT taking advantage of a prefered banking plan/account which would actually better utilize our funds. Again, in a flash, she had that account changed over!

The level and excellence of service that Kayla Martine provided certainly raised the bar to a grand new height! Kudos for a job VERY well done! Thank you!

G Randy Johnson · 5 September 2018
Branch review: Anderson Main Branch

8.31.2018. Called Main Branch and left message to call me and advise a good time to visit and open account... Sent an e-mail asking for a good time to come in... Today is 9.5.2018 and I have received no response... Very Poor Customer Service

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