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BB&T Bank has an overall customer satisfaction rating of 3.1 out of 5 stars based on 113 votes and 31 reviews & complaints for 1916 branches. Below you can read unbiased reviews, complaints and comments for branches or the bank in general. You can also share your own toughts and complaints about BB&T Bank using the form below.


Jenniffer Reece · 14 January 2019
Branch review: Bridesburg Branch

went there today and they have closed up shop.

Pat Barrett Weaver · 8 January 2019
★★ Branch review: Mount Carmel Branch

I'm paying $142 monthly on a home equity loan and $24 goes on the principal. and I will be 80 on my next birthday. I won\'t be alive and can lose my home. Why is the interest so high?

Taylor Hayden · 4 January 2019
Branch review: Macon Riverside Branch

Worst bank EVER. The people are rude, they don't care about you, they give an attitude EVERY time I go inside the bank. They keep cutting off my card for no apparent reason & it's been three months since I've ordered a replacement card and I still haven't got it in. Do not go to this bank, the customer service representatives will completely ruin your experience. I've been with BB&T for 7 years now, but I'm canceling it today.

Viola Carey · 15 December 2018
★★ Branch review: Viewmont Branch

This BB&T had my car towed off!! The snow plows that you guys hired pushed all the snow right in front of my house in a huge pile blocking in my daughters car and I had no place to park but at your bank until the snow melted! Thanks so much for being a good neighbor!! That's $200 to get my car out of pound!!!! 🙁 Sad!!

Jane Robison · 30 November 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Sunset Beach Branch

My thanks to Mr. Rob Sitton, who has helped me reconcile my accounts when I've been lazy... which happens too often. Always cheerful, always efficient. Jane Robison

Scott Goetz · 16 November 2018
★★ Branch review: Douglassville Branch

Every phone number I found for the Douglassville branch either has been disconnected or not working. Very frustrating..

Sue Crouch Murphy · 14 November 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: 19th & Madison Branch

The Staff at this Branch is an asset to your company. They are knowledgeable of your services and the most friendly customer service anyone could ask for. They make my day much brighter when I go there. I hope your company realizes how great this staff is and they all seem to love their jobs. The Manager is very welcoming when I go in and the Tellers always call me by name. That means a lot when they know you.

Ted Marks · 8 October 2018
Branch review: Mc Connellsburg Branch

This is without a doubt the slowest bank I ever delt with, deposit cash wait 5 days to use it

Ann Pearce · 19 September 2018
Branch review: Raleigh Main Branch

Over 24 hours have gone by without contact from someone at BB&T who is experienced in working with accounts similar to mine.

Greg Mouser · 19 September 2018
Branch review: Bristol Main Branch

I have been a BB&T Customer for 3 yrs, going on 4 yrs now..and each time I get a new statement... seems to be some questionable charges and not sure what is really going on.. I would like to arrange a meeting at the bank with the local CEO' Main Branch Mgr... The Employees are very gracious and are very helpful and respectful... My main issue & Red Flag is the Excessive Fees that BB&T Adds on... . What is this new Constant Credit account that I am seeing on my statements since the end of July 2018 ? When my main source of back up retirement money savings have dried up... When I used to live in West Virginia... my Mom and Sister and I always had used BB&T but in 2010 or before, I left BB&T for similar over charges thru excessive fees If a certain amount of money was in checking and or savings beyond what normal month to month or daily expenses ate my account up...

Ann Pearce · 19 September 2018
Branch review: Raleigh Main Branch

I tried to get an appointment with the Raleigh downtown branch manager. I was given an appointment, but was then called while I was already in transit that my appointment was a mistake. I clearly stated that I need someone of authority and who is adequately informed to help with my account. I was told this could happen and that someone would contact me. In a few hours, my previously assigned banker contacted me about our needing to meet. I have not been impressed by the abilities of this person. I need someone else, please!

Harvey Dennenberg · 18 June 2018
Branch review: West Street Branch

We've lived in Annapolis for more than a year and my wife has used this branch before to cash checks from her home business. She is upset that there was no manager to speak with (supposedly on vacation) and they would not even look up her accout (she's been a client for more than 25 years). We will never use this branch again and will file a formal complaint with BB&T HQ in North Carolina! Disgusted that they treated a long time customer this way!

Mike McKaughn · 11 April 2018
★★★★ Branch review: Kernersville Main Branch

On March 23 I took out my descended parents ira They told me they would sent a check in about week. After two weeks and no check I went back to check on the status of the check I was told they may process the check the next day After another week and no check I went back to not to see why I haven't recieived a check by now. Instead of checking the status of my check a very rude woman said there was nothing they could do When I suggested they could write. me a check there she said couldnt and asked me if she needed to call. Security Nice customer service. All I wanted was the money I'm owed in a timely matter

Jeanie Martin · 6 April 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Cross Lanes Branch

Wonderful staff at the Drive through ~~Always friendley and helpful~~

Karen Thompson · 24 March 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Tower City Branch

Just wanted to take a moment to compliment the services provided by Tiffany at this branch of BB&T. She went above and beyond to provide services while their systems were down. Never a fun time for any business. She gathered all information manually, contacted me for additional information, and kept her cool through the whole cumbersome process. I am extremely pleased with her services and how she represented the company. Thanks for everything Tiffany..... Hope this message finds it's way to the Branch Manager and President of BB&T!

Ruth Donohue · 13 March 2018
★★★ Branch review: Jensen Beach Branch

Why was I charged a $72.00 overdraft fee when I have overdraft protection. The items to be paid were not scheduled to be paid until March 14th, at which time my Direct Deposit would cover them. Please advise... I am not a happy camper...

Richard Littlejohn · 27 February 2018
Branch review: Dothan Branch

So far with the recent outage they have yet fixed anything. the outage started Thur. it's is now Tues. confidence in this Bank is at an all-time low.

Loryane Drumheller · 13 February 2018
★★★★ Branch review: Tower City Branch

I really like the staff and the branch in Tower City. They have been most helpful with some complex issues i was having. They help me sort everything out and I am now exercising my financial accounts to maximize their usefulness. I have never had a bad experience at The Tower City Branch and I am very dismayed that they are closing. I wish someone would reconsider. The bottom line doesn't always take into consideration the people that actually patronize the branch. We now have to travel 5-7 miles to the nearest branch, over a mountain in one case. This is extremely critical for our older residents as many don't drive or have limited mobility. It is also quite an inconvenience for the rest of us!

Lisa Verica DiGiorgio · 2 February 2018
Branch review: Feasterville Trevose Branch

Please do NOT bank at this branch or deal with a manager name Jared! I am a fairly new customer to this bank and what I saw today at the Feasterville PA branch was utterly appalling! There was a young man in there with his young children trying to solve and figure out why his new account or bank card was on hold. He claimed he needed the money as he put cash in the bank yesterday and could now not access it. The manager Jared treated this man like a criminal and just sub human! Instead of calmly trying to help the customer, he told him that "He could release his funds, but he won't"! It went down hill from there. The young man was respectful and frustrated and trying to get his money, which is his choice, and this monster of a manager continued to berate him and even told him to leave or he would call the police. I WILL NEVER step back in this branch again, I have closed my account, and am a local business woman and will continue to tell as many of my customers and people in the community that I know, NOT to go to this awful place and deal with such a horrendous human being again. If I did not hear this all myself, I would never have believed it. Stay clear!

Reba Chambers · 6 November 2017
★★ Branch review: Clanton Branch

You have too many different web sites. I have looked thru just about every one. All I need to do is look at my checking account and it takes all day to find & I have not found it yet!!

Gail Cobile · 31 October 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: Cosner's Corner Branch

Many thanks to a fantastic group who reacted quickly to my request and saved me a lot of anguish. You're professionalism is above reproach.

Sandra Brasington · 19 October 2017
Branch review: Calhoun Highway Branch

Noone answers the phone.

Kathleen A Paulus · 21 July 2017
Branch review: Camp Creek Branch

Get them... That is so wrong... and I applaud you for taking this as far as you can... I'm in FL and have been in the local branch here twice...
Unprofessional, snide, sarcastic and judgemental employees... Horrible service,! Right now it is Friday at 3p and no one is even answering the phone there... Scary...
I only need my 4k...but they give me so much grief you are so right about the interrogation - it's not their business that I want Cash ..and the cash I take directly to Wells Fargo ! I'm treated so kindly and with professional employees...
I wish you the best in your lawsuit!

Meka ShotKolla Johnson · 15 June 2017
Branch review: Camp Creek Branch

Worst service ever. I was racially profiled and discriminated against on 6.14.2017. I received a $40,000.00 wire on 6.13.2017 went inside to withdraw money for a construction project. Once I gave the unfriendly teller my request, she picked up the phone and called Jenny Austin. They both proceeded to ask me inappropriate questions like who sent you this money, why did they send you this money, what are you purchasing with this money etc. It took everything in me not to say none of your fucking buissness. But I did not I remained professional and answered the questions. They then decided to go back 2 months into my account and noticed that my fiancee in the past had his paychecks being deposited into my account. They said it was against their policy. I told them we did not know that. They wanted to know why he was allowing his checks to go into my account. I told them for bill purposes and also for anything that I or my son needed. Again none of their damn buisiness. After all the interrogation which lasted for about 20-25 minutes at the bank counter the teller lied and said that the wire was still pending and she could not release the funds to me. This was a lie. I called before I drove to the bank to make sure the wire had cleared and was approved. She did not have the heart to tell me that her and Jenny Austin placed a block on my account. Yes while I was at the counter with my 7 year old son, instead of her giving me my money they were looking at me as being a black criminal that has walked into the bank to commit some kind of crime. I guess I could not have $40,000.00 in my account. I then had to speak with someone who was not the branch manager by the name of Keith. He called Jenny and I could hear her through the phone. She had a attitude as if someone had blocked her account. I wanted to know what was going on with my account. She stated that it had been blocked because my account was now under investigation lol. Blocking my account means I can not close it, withdraw money, nor can I have the wire reversed.She also refsued to give me a eta on when my money would be cleared and refused to tell me how the bank would contact me lol a real clown she is.Meanwhile we stlll have plank flooring and cabinets that need to be purchased. It is a great thing that we did not have all of our monies with this mom and pops bank.If we did we would be screwed and sued by the actual person who we signed a contract with to have the work completed by a certain time.Thank God for Well Fargo and Bank of America!!! I have filed a discrimination complaint with BB&T, filed a complaint with the BBB, filed a complaint with the FDIC, called their corporate office and made a formal complaint, and emailed customer service at least 15 times since 6.14.2017. No one from BB&T has responed back as of 6.15.2017.They figured I was this ignorant black girl who should not have $40,000 in my accountThe statement was made that this just didnt look right. Me having $40,000.00 i my bank account. The funny thing is in my primary accounts that are not through BB&T thank God $40,000.00 is nothing. Which by the way is no money at all. My next step on Monday will be at an attourneys office for my money and discrimination lawsuit. If I were white would this have happened? Ofcourse not they would have given the money up with no questions asked greeted them with a smile instead of a frown as well. Moral to the story is never judge a book by its cover. Never bank with BB&T. Once this is all over the account will be closed out we will also close the business account as well. I will not bank or do buisness with anyone that does not respect me.But what I am going to do is get my llittle $40,000.00 from BB&T.Jenny watch this little black girl work her little black magic...

Kimberly Martin · 31 May 2017
★★★ Branch review: Lititz Pike Branch

What a beautiful property you own in down town Lititz PA.
I'm sad to see the property is not mowed, trimmed, walking path lights not all working & maintained like it had been by Susquehanna Bank. It was a property we were proud of.

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