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Gloria Dillon · 7 May 2019
Bank review

I went to the Woodforest Bank in Brookhaven Ms Walmart to do a western union pick up... first of all i was not greeted by the Teller... I spoke and said i would like to do a money pick up.. She immediately said that Western Umion was done, and she tried to durect me too Wal- Green.. I passed walgreens going to the woodforest bank.. If i wanted to go to walgreens i could had. But i make a transaction with woodforest eavh month sending or picking up. Anyways your teller was very unprofessional and told me to come back in the morning at 9.. So im Like if your western union down how do you know it will be up in the morning at 9...Stephanie needs to know how to greet her customers.. Im In retail also and my customers are my salary...

Crystal Sheppard Rhodes · 25 April 2019
★★★★★ Branch review: Weaverville Walmart Branch

Love this bank and the people are so friendly.

Mary Cooper · 18 December 2018
★★★★ Branch review: Challenger Avenue Walmart Branch

Great customer service, very friendly employees. Sometimes a vrey long wait in line, but it is nice that you can make a cash deposit with a Walmart cashier and not have to stand in line.

Mike McCammon · 15 September 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Greenwood Walmart Branch

Extremely nice people at the bank. They always take care of my needs when I go there. It's inside Walmart. What more could you ask for?

LaNae Gray · 1 September 2018
★★ Branch review: Miamisburg-Dayton Walmart Branch

I went to this branch because the branch by house and an additional branch atm terminal were out of order which seemed to be a glitch. Most associates are friendly but today I had a very rude one I was talking to a newer associate and let her know how I traveled to 3 Walmart's total to avoid an out of network charge which would prolly cost me $7-$10 To take out my money. I asked her could she verify my key items for security and didn't they have a copy of my ID because I left my items in the car and IT was raining. The more seasonal associate interuppted instead of excusing herself into Thebes conversation and proceeded to tell her what she needed to do to verify me! I didn't complete my sentence so I trying to tell both ladies I would just go and grab my purse and She told me so rudely "Wait a minute" and put her finger up silently telling me to be quiet, I told her Nevermind she isn't rude she yelled back are you sure ma'am now trying to to sound professional I told no thank you she was rude and that she shouldn't have said that's to a customer ! This lady has no common sense and I mean not satisfied with the service I received today now I am going to atm to get these fees but Woodforest needs to work on there associates and also work on standalone ATMs because running to different Walmart is a hassle especially when I Be e a 1 year old An day it's raining and I need Cash

Kay Kirby Guidry · 26 July 2018
Branch review: Buda Walmart Branch

I would also call THE BETTER BUISINESS BUREAU and report them...

Trey Robinson · 18 July 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Liberia Walmart Branch

The Branch manager Whitney and her Tellers are awesome. They make you feel like a friend and not a customer. I trust that branch with my money business, savings, personal, etc. Ive been a customer for about 10 years now im sure its going to be for 30 years more lol. Thank you Liberia Ave branch for all you do for my business and family

Troy Turek · 8 April 2018
Branch review: Cypress Walmart Branch

My parents from Mississippi just got denied by this joke of a so called bank to break a 100 into smaller bills because they don't have an account. What kinda bullshit is that. To lazy to open a Damn drawer is what it was. The teller was on their phone and got upset like a Lil ass kid cause they got interrupted.

Frankye Mace · 15 March 2018
★★★★ Branch review: Ruston Branch

This branch is closed

Tracy Saylors Cartwright · 9 February 2018
★★★★ Branch review: Booneville Walmart Branch

I have been a customer at this Branch of Woodforest National Bank since they first came to the WalMart in my home town. They have always been easy to deal with, and very helpful with whatever I needed help with at the time. I was mostly looking to see if they had a facebook page, when I saw no one had left a review for them! I guess, in a way, at least that means no one has complained about them! ;) lol

I don't know every single worker there, but I do know several of them by name. I love that these people I have known are have gotten to know are not just bank tellers, but FRIENDS that I know I can count on. I hope someone high up sees this, and gives them all big raises! :)

Opal Stooksbury · 29 January 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Keller Market Branch

Woodforest bank in Keller Texas is the greatest in my gook

Mary Bullard · 16 January 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Asheboro Walmart Branch

Love my bank in Asheboro my favorite teller is Dawn shes wonderful

Marie Gee · 10 December 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: De Zavala Walmart Branch

Always Helpful, Very Great Crew. They make me appreciate their professionalism.
Ms. Gee

Meghan H. Dorsett · 2 December 2017
★★★★ Branch review: Christiansburg Walmart Branch

Kudos to the staff of Woodforest National Bank for their help decorating the outside of the Cambria Depot and the tower tree. It is always nice to know when banks take an active interest in their communities and reach out and volunteer.

Jaclyn Albright · 20 October 2017
★★ Branch review: Corbin Walmart Branch

The lady at the counter is always sitting and never greets the customer in a friendly manner, instead she treats them like a nuisance. I overlooked her rudeness the first time, but the next two times she treated me the same way. I've banked here for past 2 years and the clerks have always been nice and friendly, accept for this one clerk who has a serious attitude problem. Most of the time I hold onto my paychecks and go to a different branch where i know I will be greeted with a smile and friendly conversation. Also I always have to tell them at Corbin, where I originally opened my account at, no biggie but on top of the rudeness and them always calling to verify my scholarship checks im seriously considering taking my business somewhere that treats me like a respectable human.

Tommie Garca · 27 January 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: Grand Prairie Walmart Branch

Great customer service, employees are very friendly and helpful.

Timothy Moyer · 7 December 2016
Branch review: Pontotoc Branch

Poor customer service, they don't answer the phone and f you have issues they pain you off on some crappy automated system that requires ns you in circles. Seriously reconsidering my decision to do business with this place

Michele Register · 6 November 2016
★★★★★ Branch review: Fayetteville Walmart Branch

Some of the nicest, most caring people you would ever want to have banking business with. They are also the friendliest and most caring about their customers and their families. When I go in, they greet me by name, ask how I'm feeling (because they know I have health issues), ask how my other half is doing on the road, even ask about our new grandson who lives in another state. They have gone above and beyond to help me accomplish business for my other half while he is out of town, even calling him to let him know of a cost saving measure to save us some money next time (when I was clueless how to explain it to him), and giving us a refund of what we overspent the first time. To someone who is used to other banks TAKING money every chance they get, this was refreshing and much appreciated!!! I love these people!!! And, it's not just one or 2 employees at that branch, it's ALL OF THEM!!

Theresa Murphy Buchle · 3 September 2016
Branch review: Buda Walmart Branch

Only one star because you can't leave less. In July my husband was laid off and we had to take money out of our retirement account in order to live while he hunted for a job. We had a large check deposited from a well known (other) national financial institution. Rather than letting it post to our account when the check cleared (three days, in fact), the manager at the Buda branch of Woodforest National Bank, Debby Rogers, decided to put a 15 DAY hold on the check. In the meantime, things became overdrawn resulting in several hundred dollars worth of overdraft fees. Nice. Especially at a time when things were tight for us. We have this money but we can't use it. Again, nice.

In the meantime, my husband called Woodforest coporate only to find out that holds are at the discretion of the manager of the branch. Corporate managers cannot override branch managers. Inconceivable. He talked to Ms. Rogers again, only to be be told once more "NO". She would not budge, did not want to listen to reason, there was no changing her mind.

We closed our accounts today. We took several thousand dollars out of Woodforest National Bank to deposit into our new accounts at a different local institution. When Ms. Rogers asked why we were closing three accounts, we told her it was due to lack of customer service. When she asked what she could do to make it better, we told what she had already done. Maybe there was a flicker of concern for just a moment, but she decided to brush everything off. Obviously customers who have had multiple accounts with her institution for 10 years were not important enough to try to keep. And I will be calling Woodforest corporate on Tuesday to let them know exactly why this long time customer has left and to point them to this feedback.

Want a good bank? If I had a time machine, I would send you back to that Woodforest National branch three years ago when customer service was important. Ask me today and I will tell you to run fast, run far - take your money somewhere else where you, as a customer, will be appreciated. Obviously the people at the Buda Woodforest branch have forgotten that customers make it possible for them to be employed.

Hortense Louise Mayberry · 29 July 2016
★★★★★ Branch review: Newport News Walmart Branch

Workers have great customer service skills. I would recommend the bank to friends n family. Great staff. Keep up the great job.

Anetia Stalling King · 5 June 2016
★★★ Branch review: Gun Barrel City Walmart Branch

What is the limit that you have to keep in the bank account

Ladi Kati · 30 May 2016
Branch review: Standiford Plaza Branch

For years I have been pleased with this bank up until now, me and my husband recently went in to cash a check in which I have also cashed in the past. The new manager accused me and my husband of making a fake government issued check, gave us a difficult time with it and was refusing to do anything with it, not to mention I had money in my acct to cover the check! I let her know ive brought the same issued check in before and had no problems what so ever so she pulls it up and See's it in the past and completed the transaction. We didn't appreciate being accused of doing such a thing and neither would she! I now regret doing business with this bank and will be taking my business else where asap!

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