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Laura Kushner · 26 February 2019
Branch review: Jupiter Branch

All they want to do is sell you services. We have 4 accounts with TD. We went there to have some documents for our house sale notarized (after asking if they could provide this service on a previous visit). First they were annoyed because we had not made an appointment on a Saturday (the bank was empty). Next the woman who was to provide us with the service greeted us like strangers (we had done business with her earlier in the week, at which time she tried to sell us a mortgage). Then we were told she could only notarize certain types of documents (WTF) and one of ours did not meet the criteria (again, when we asked about the service, we were not told there were exceptions). We wound up finding a nice UPS location that provided fast, courteous service. i will be looking for another bank.

Jeanne M Hyland · 21 February 2019
★★★★★ Branch review: Sebastian Branch

Please be advised your officer Catherine Farrington assisted me way before the call of duty. She is a valuable assist to you financiale institution. I have been a long time customer and I have been assisted by her compiance and patience which are very valuable assects to all customers. This compentary hopefully will not go unnoticed. Respectullly, Jeanne Hyland

Sergio G. Levi · 21 February 2019
Branch review: Greenlawn Branch

Opened a free checking account with $100 as a good neighbor thing at the TD Bank in Greenlawn when they moved to Town. Signed up for no paper statements with no monthly fees but after a few months they sneaked $1 out of my account (to be less than the $100 required ) and the $15 monthly fees started to add up, they didn't even send me a alert or any notification about it, and since I don't use the account or even receive paper statements, they emptied my account within a few months, the $100 disappeared, and the only notification I got was when they closed the account because they couldn't withdraw any more fees, bunch of good for nothing at the branch, terrible customer service in general at all TD branches.
And if this wouldn't be enough the manager had the nerve to tell me that I owed the bank $19 because my closed account was negative $19 due to fees. Trust me, bank somewhere else, or you will be sorry, don't say later I didn't warn you. They even were sued for this buck thing already.
Sergio Gallardo, Huntington, NY

Stephen Weltie Welthagen · 8 February 2019
★★★★★ Branch review: Bolton Landing Branch

I would like to thank the Bolton Landing TD Bank branch for their generous hamper donation for my late brother Martin Welthagen's raffle night at Fredrick's last month. MUCH APPRECIATED!! Brothers and family.

Courtney Barron · 25 August 2018
★★ Branch review: Dover Branch

Next time you mow, please blow the grass clippings out of the road. It becomes dangerous to motorcyclists and bicyclists as well as an eye sore to the city.

Tom Drakeford · 18 August 2018
Branch review: King Of Prussia Branch

These guys are a bunch of a*** the manager is a rude a******* I wanted to punch him in the face but could not LOL I don't recommend this branch this is the worst one

Susan Atkinson Hewell · 13 August 2018
Branch review: South Florence Branch

They have the worst not educated bunch of nuts ever working there. I have been dealing with a identity theft problem there for the last 8 months. And still can't get it through their thick heads that I DONT HAVE A ACCOUNT WITH THEM!!! Even with their head office in New Jersey they are clueless!!

Tom Shriver · 5 August 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Port Orange Branch

I met with Chris on Saturday Aug 5th, 2018 and opened a checking account. Going to move my Business account next week. I had the most amazing experience while there! They have all the right benefits for customers. Open 7 days a week, made your Debit Card right there, checking accounts to fit your needs....on and on. Please go see the most friendly staff at TD Bank Port Orange!

Robin Carroll Ambroziak · 6 April 2018
Branch review: Royersford Branch

If I could give them 0 stars I would. Never have I met such an incompetent group of people. They dont want to speak to you or work with you unless you are a billionaire. I have a great job, excellent credit and have banked with them for many years. This branch and the gentleman I spoke to on their 800 number are both being reported to the CFPB for Fair Lending Violations. Unless you are worth it in their eyes. Dont expect much respect from them. They will give any rate they feel like giving to any customer they choose, and they will not blink at the opportunity to close all of your accounts when you call them out on it. Nice way to do business TD.

Mare Liles · 3 April 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Hockessin Branch

Excellent customer service. Both the manager and assistant manager spent over and hour with me today trying to resolve an issue I am having with my mortgage and bill pay. They were both so helpful in a frustrating situation.

Juliet David · 17 March 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Old Brookville Branch

Good services

Diana Flanders · 23 February 2018
Branch review: Tilton Branch

the branch is wonderful, I give the TD Bank "new update" overall 1 star. Because the "new" web link or design is horrible. The online banking is down more then it is up, the update has been at least 3 or 4 week. The IT person in charge should be fired. The worse site ever, it is not functional most time, always experiencing problem with connection. When connecting it says "Hmm, something's not quite right. Access seems to be down at the moment. Thank you for your patience - things will be up and running soon." Really? Every day and every evening, the IT person should be fired for suggesting such a horrible update. I know I am not the only customer who is frustrated with this site now. The old login site worked never went down one time that I know of unless it was scheduled for maintenance. Get rid of the idiot with this new and improved idea. It's horrible. The person has no clue, it he/she did the bugs would have been worked out by now.. Need to start over and fix it before you push onto your customers.

Neha Jain · 30 January 2018
Branch review: Brush Hollow Road Branch

I really have to rant it out here.... been in customer care for years so know it quite well how to be nice to a customer. The staff at this branch is really friendly and warm, very helpful people to talk to. BUT This lady PAM at this center is a real racist... coz i do see her nicely helping the white ones. I am a customer with this bank since years but still i go every time to get a document notarized, i have to deal with this single woman EVERYTIME.....n she is the same every single time.

As per my understanding, if you are employed as a notary, u r supposed to help all customers irrespective of the color of their skin (coz i f***** pay your salary)!!!

Seriously i was so amazed by TDs services that was thinking to go for a locker and get my home loan from them but if would rather give my business to somebody else then seeing this woman's face again.

John Lundgren · 3 January 2018
★★ Branch review: Head Office Branch

I get about 15 calls a day from TD Bank. No one answers. The number they use is: 8885618862

DaneĆ© Crane · 9 December 2017
Branch review: Larchmont Village Branch

Very poor customer service, and if your skintone is too dark, you're automatically viewed as a criminal by all employee's. My manager and I come into this branch almost every week to cash PA and petty cash checks for the house that we manage, and the individuals that we serve, and as soon as an unfamiliar teller named Kareem see's two brown girls in a bank attempting to cash a check, he wants to call our employer to verify that the checks are authentic. Since when was this all of a sudden your bank's policy? If that's the case, then why wasnt our employer contacted previously by any other teller when we cashed any other check? I was highly upset and offended. Also why is it that in a line full of customers awaiting service from the teller's, a bank employee just "pops up" out of nowhere and bypasses everyone standing on the line to automatically approach the only black customers on line, to inquire about why we visited the bank today? You should never have to feel uncomfortable and judged by anyone based solely off the color of your skin. In my entire 28 years on this earth, living in new york city, I have never been racially profiled as I did yesterday in this bank.

Pat Keppley · 27 November 2017

there service is horrible... no one answers the phone .

MaryAnn Lynch Doran · 1 November 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: Ridgewood Branch

Excellent staff! Always willing to help in any way.

Lissette Cheng · 12 April 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: 56th & Madison Branch

Excellent customer service!

Christopher Lemire · 13 September 2016
Branch review: South Broadway Branch

This was the worse service I have ever had. The tellers are great but the branch manager Jose was awful. I had a few issues with bank fees, and he completely disnmissed me and my concerns. I have never been treated like that before.

Louis Sydney · 18 February 2016
★★★ Branch review: Wilmington Branch

Have had nothing but trouble with home equity loan. Unfair charges were put on for no reason. When I have found a few very knowledgeable staffers to help, the problem is solved until the bank creates another issue. Cannot wait to pay off this loan and be done with this bank.

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