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Nate Carson · 4 May 2019
★★★★★ Branch review: Bells Ferry Branch

First of all I'd like to say I've been with the company since the Wachovia days and everything has been great over the years, with the hopes for many more. This post has to do with my best friend and the trauma she experienced at Kennestone Hospital. Please check out and consider the New Life for Lisa(NLFL) campaign on my gofundme page. So much has happened to her that was not fair, now things should happen for her that is. Thank you.

Jim Van Tassel · 23 March 2019
Branch review: Briarcliff Manor Branch

Wells Fargo Top Management sucks, Branch is fine
They hound to go to all electronic delivery. Electronic bill payment sucks--it takes 5+ days for them to mail payment which has cost my close to $1,000 in penalties--MANAGEMENT sends mail to a mail delivery service to save on postage I assume--then I get penalties. Login was changed so money mangement software canNOT get to my accounts. I am moving from Wells Fargo because top management sucks. It is NOT customer oriented.

Alicia Mendez · 12 February 2019

Only giving 1 star so I can write a review! Went today to deposit money and order a new debt card WITH SAME NUMBER. Was helped by a very nice lady name Athena. Best customer service at a Wells Fargo I've ever had. She then attempts to tell Ryan Drow I need to order a new card with same number. He brushes her off and walks away from her. Then starts walking away in all. I ask ok do I follow, he then waves his arm saying "yea come on follow let's go" ok, I'm not a dog! Then tells me sit there. I then say what she was trying to tell you is I need a new debit card with the same number since my chip doesnt work. He says oh yea yea I can do that. I said if I cant keep that number DONT TOUCH MY CARD!!! I then say how I was charged $3 in past for using my disability card to pull money out of the atm and i wish there was a way Wells Fargo could see i have an account. He then tells me well yea we charge you ebt users. I said excuse me? I'm not on ebt it's a disability card as i had surgery and just returned to work. He continues to laugh at me and accusing me of pulling money out an ebt card. I again tried to explain the difference between ebt and disability. He then continues to laugh as I'm being humiliated in front of other customers. Then Nancy Perez walks up who says shes asst manager. Offers NO HELP!! Just watches what Ryan Drow continues to do! I made it very clear do not cancel that card. He continues to laugh at me. Nancy then walks away and Ryan says "I'll be giving you a temp card now" I get my card chucked across the desk from Ryan Drow with again a smirk and laugh. Again Nancy Perez does NOTHING!!! I make it known I have many things automatically coming out of that card within next 2 days and he just canceled that card after I said do not. Nancy offered no assistance. My car ins, cell phone, utilities all are coming out. No way to stop the automatic withdrawals on the accounts. Even after talking to me terribly in front of Nancy Perez she allowed it and did not try and correct Ryan Drow! Horrible customer service!!! Who will cover my declined charges and my auto ins cancellation??? Worst bank of all time!! After all the negative publicity Wells Fargo has had, you'd think they'd change the way they treat people! Shows a true discrimination of a customer from Ryan Drow! And poor leadership from Nancy Perez! Do you allow all your employees to treat customers like this? And if I did have ebt does this mean you are ok with allowing your staff to treat these customers like this?? He can clearly see i have 2 automatic deposits from 2 jobs!!! Your smart mouth, lack of professionalism, insulting comments, clear discrimination and use of your keyboard power has shown what you really think of your customers! Especially if you dont like what they have to say!

Rafael Henrique · 7 February 2019
Branch review: Gardena Branch

My wife went to this branch to cash a check, and the suit guy by the door said "our system is down Nationally". She asked by when she could go over cash her check and the answer was "maybe tomorrow". Seriously? That's the answer his manager told him to give WF customers?

Garth Jolley · 11 January 2019
★★★ Branch review: Powell Branch

Well, this is not the two in the pix... I have a small account there; while the service is delightful and fun it is not so fun when one wants to get into their account on the computer. Each and every time that I set up a new passcode, I save it, write it down...yet, when I go in, in the next day or two... I am not recognized. It is enough to make me want to close the account and just not have one.

Kelin Jones · 10 January 2019
Branch review: Odessa Parkway Branch

They NEVER answer the phone.

Barbi Watt-Wood · 9 January 2019
Branch review: Cape Coral Branch

I was pretty frustrated when I showed up at 5:58pm and the staff was locking the doors. I know I was cutting it close, but if you close at 6, close at 6pm.

Jim Runnels · 8 January 2019
★★★★★ Branch review: South Main Branch

I've always hated dealing with banks and bankers until I moved to las cruces and started banking here. Tiffany is my personal banker with outstanding customer service skills. She makes you feel like a friend and is so helpful. All of the tellers are pleasant and professional as well.

Samantha Marie Lawrenz · 2 January 2019
Branch review: Sheboygan Falls Branch

Clicked to rate 1 star and it automatically entered 4. Worse service ever! Very uneducated bank manager!

Aaron Vance · 26 December 2018
★★ Branch review: Compton Town Center Branch

The service is not bad but there is No diversatity, only latinos work which is i little unsettleing for me.what happen to diversaty in the work place? martin luther king did not get his head blown off for things to be like that, i would suggest that you hire some black americans before we make you. happy new year to all.

Deniz Tezcan · 22 December 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Newark Branch

I have been a customer at this branch for a few years now. I've never experienced a bank that treats people so well. From the tellers to the branch manager, they treat you like family*. I highly recommend this place.

*For those who come from highly dysfunctional families, this means they treat you well; warm and welcoming.

JeanetteandTerry Howe · 21 December 2018
Branch review: Bismarck Main Branch

Hello, yesterday I went to the Bismarck Wells Fargo branch with some cash to put into my daughter's account. I had a deposit slip for her account with me do there should not have been a problem with aufenticenticy of the account. Just so you know, that, I could NOT give them US currency. They said they could not accept cash! I was told that I should be able to write a check and they would be able to deposit that but not my cash. Since when will a "bank" not accept cash ? For all of you who do bank there I would strongly reconsider banking with a bank that will not accept cash for deposit to a legal, open, account. And when you complain the manager tells you it's policy. So that tells me that your American money is unacceptable to Wells Fargo Bank. Maybe you should find another bank.

John Romaniello · 18 December 2018
Branch review: Englewood Branch

In 2011 i went to Wells Fargo in Englewood FL, asked a woman by the name of Elizabeth that told me her last day was on friday. I asked her to wire transfer $55,000.00 to a lawyers bank account in Indiani. As it turned out the money was wired to Miami Beach FL. And a russian woman withdrew the $55,000.00 and left the country. I filed a police report, but somehow T.D. Bank got involved and would not release any info to the Charolette county sherrif. Don't use either Wells Fargo or T.D. Bank.

Cindy Cox · 17 December 2018
Branch review: Taylorsville Main Branch

Why would the drive thru be closing. We older folks with disabilities use the drive thru most times we have a banking need. Is hard to get from car to bank. Peggy Summers

Steve Malone · 30 November 2018
Branch review: Oak Street Branch

Your business practices are questionable at best. Came in today to cash a check drawn on your bank. Teller David was nice enough at first and asked for all kinds of ID which I provided. He takes my finger print and cashed the check and as he handing me the money he goes Oh by the way, we charged you 7.50 to cash YOUR CHECK.

I said are you kidding me, if I had known that at the beginning, I never would have caused the check. He then further insults me by saying perhaps you would like to open a checking account and hands me a phamphlett for a checking account.

Why would I open an account here after you just screwed me??

Michelle Pry Sames · 26 November 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Macungie Branch

My husband and I just went to Wells Fargo Mac. branch to redeem savings bonds. We were greeted immediately by Felicia who walked us through the step by step process on how to redeem the bonds. She even physically walked us over to Mohammad, who helped us finish our transaction. Felicia was very personable, knowledgeable, and showed a genuine care for everyone she came in contact with. Mohammad also did a great job with handling our bond redemption while still being friendly and courteous. We highly recommend this branch for your banking needs! Well done, EVERYONE!

Vicki Kohl Sierman · 20 November 2018
Branch review: Carbondale Branch

Been with them for about 12 years had a few problems but the last two were most disturbing. Two weeks before Trump won I met with my guy (who I was given after my stockbroker retired) he gave me some options, I asked to call me in 2 weeks after the elections, I thought I'd go one way if Hillary won another if Trump. (Was never called) I had some Exelon (which he thought I should get rid of anyways, Chicago utility, it's been in family for years. FYI it's doing great, a whole lot better than anything WF has put me in.) wanted to change maiden to married name (been married 40+ years) needed a medallion, somehow they goofed and only transfer 7 shares, WHY would I only want 7 shares transferred? Needed yet another medallion, so now I have two accounts in my married name I just want one account so I need yet a third medallion well I was pretty unhappy with you and and other things.... it's been adding up over the years, I decided to leave Wells Fargo but I go to get my third medallion I guess I should've waited three days and now you won't give it to me even though I'm only needing this because of the mistake that you Wells Fargo's made.

Judy Weinmann · 13 November 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Fort Oglethorpe Branch

Staff friendly and very helpful. Good customer service.. Thanks Stephen.

John Leonard · 11 November 2018
★★★ Branch review: Siesta Key Branch

An opinion. I thought it was very POOR form for Wells Fargo to enforce the No-Parking policy on a Sunday afternoon given the thousands of visitors attending the Crystal Classic sand sculpture event. I have parked at your lot in the past for this event and never once saw a tow-truck. LOTS of tow-trucks out today! Parking (paid or otherwise) is woefully inadequate for this event. Yeah, I fully understand the posted signs and frankly assumed it was for indemnification in case of injury or after bank hours accident. Never in my imagination could I have thought that six and seven tow trucks would be speeding through your lot towing one vehicle after another. I have NO doubt that 100 cars or more were towed from your property. Disgraceful. The vehicle next to me had a handicapped hydraulic lift for a disabled family member and THEY were towed as well. SO much for a nice, enjoyable day at the beach. LIke two other guys, I sprinted to my vehicle at 2:30 or so just as the posse swooped in. I'm angry with the Siesta Key Wells Fargo branch - I'm certain a lot of out of state winter visitors were furious.

Christina Norman · 1 November 2018
Branch review: San Angelo North Branch

The lady that you first encounter when entering the bank was so rude! Told us we could'nt speak with a banker because there was six others ahead of us. There was no one in the lobby. Then send they only had one banker and she was about to leave for lunch. They refused to help us and turned us away!

Denise Mocanu · 24 October 2018
★★ Branch review: Moab Branch

they are no longer open on Saturdays

Susan Gregg · 24 October 2018

Was so sad to see Rob Parson go. Big loss! Maybe my dad's money should go with him.

Mike Hughes · 22 October 2018
Branch review: Wenatchee Branch

You guys are a greedy joke. My Mom's $25000 balance in regular savings gets 21 cents per month interest, she could make more walking down the sidewalk. It is now in DA Davidson for 7% & $1400 annually, BTW thats more than $.21.($2.52 per year) And today when I went into your branch, several of the many fools waiting in line, after 15 minutes, walked out, including me & including the FedEx guy with stuff to deliver, they walked right past him as if they don't know what FedEx is. I speak some Spanish, but that didn't help. You get an 'F'. I'm pulling all of her money out and putting it with someone who cares, you don't.

Roxi Javi Jimenez · 20 October 2018
★★ Branch review: Hempstead Branch

I just left the wells fargo hempstead branch a little less than an hour ago. I just open an acct with Mr Alcides Gonzales. He was very friendly, helpful and had excellent table manners, I recommend him to anyone that speaks english or spanish. I however am very disappointed in his coworkers. It was near closing time and clearly everyone else was getting ready to leave, we were still sitting down with said banker. One of his male coworkers(light skin, black beard, a little bit on the chubby side) walked over to the rest of the tellers behind the counters and started poking fun at the person that was helping us. Saying things like "he worked through his lunch hour just to get payed over time. I will do the same tomorrow, just blame it on customers..." he went on and on. Laughing loud and talking alot of crap. I am appalled to say the least. I felt so uncomfortable with such comments. Not only as a customer but also as a person with feelings. I felt terrible for the banker helping us and I apologized to him for his coworkers behavior. It was rude, disrespectful and unprofessional. The fact that this man was talking so much nonsense about another coworker and in front of customers just made me so angry. I wish I would've recorded this to have proof. I hope wells fargo cameras were not "out of order". I hope this matter is taken seriously. I will keep sharing this until I see a change. So sad and disgusted on this behavior. The banker that helped us was very nice and just kept helping person after person. I hope justice is served to his name.

Mark Stephens · 28 August 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: West Milford Branch

I love going in there. All the girls in there are very friendly and they make my days very enjoyable.

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