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Rebecca Weaver
Rebecca Weaver · 2 September 2022
Branch review: Citrus Heights Branch

After citibanks many attempts to recruit me as a customer with enticing rewards dollars, I look to see if there's a branch near me and there is not. Citrus Heights would be closest, however after reading the reviews proving Citibank does not respect its customers time, the extremely limited hours and how long it would take me to get there never knowing if they'll be open, I will pass. This is disgusting.

MegaSonic Mario
MegaSonic Mario · 26 August 2022
★★★★ Branch review: New Castle Branch

I closed my acct, and then received a refund check of more than 100$ I ripped it up thinking it was another credit card offer. How can I get another check sent to me?

Susan Pan
Susan Pan · 15 July 2022
Branch review: San Ramon Branch

I have ordered some Euro$. The money was supposed to be ready for pick up on Wednesday, and today is Friday that I have not heard from the bank. I called twice and was transferred to a call center somewhere. This is customer service!!

Claire Ozbek
Claire Ozbek · 29 June 2022

They have the worst customer service. They NEVER pick up the phone. DO NOT BANK with this branch.

Ronald Jackson
Ronald Jackson · 26 June 2022
★★ Branch review: Millbrae Branch

My friend living in Illinois went to your branch bank wanting to get her name added to her brothers account with his permission. Her brother is bedfast and unable to travel to the bank. She does not have the financial power of attorney. She was not given any information how to acomplish this. How can this be done or will she have to be assigned the financial power of attorney??

Joel Strasser
Joel Strasser · 10 June 2022
★★★★★ Branch review: Paramus Branch

As a lifelong customer of Citibank, I've found it extremely helpful to be able to send my checks for deposit through the Paramus branch, as other NJ branches in or near my hometown have either moved or closed. Such items sent to San Antonio seem to take a week or more, so using a NJ branch reduces the overall turnaround time for me.

Patty Chue
Patty Chue · 7 June 2022
★★★★★ Branch review: Forest Hills Branch

I visited this branch today, the line was long, but after Patricia Parker walked in start to work then the line begin to short. Patricia serviced me and helped me with savings bond withdraw. She is really very professional and she knows who she is doing. friendly, I hope she can get her promotion shortly. Thank you.

Casey Obrien
Casey Obrien · 24 May 2022
Bank review

Citi bank is a joke. I got the run around all last night. My account was block and my paycheck got deposit into it and I tried to call them wait over 30 min to get a hold from some one and all they tell me it was block and you have to go to the branch to get it unlock. I live in Tennessee there no branches here. I called the fraud department and same thing they can block your account but they can't unblock it. It will take 30 to 60 day until I get my money by mail. Now I know why Citi bank have poor review. I'm taking my business some where else. Screw Citi bank.

Alfie William
Alfie William · 29 April 2022
Bank review

It is now exactly one month from the time I provided information to CITI to open checking account so I could make international money transfer from USA to Poland to help Ukrainians'. I know account is open however I cannot use it online because I am still waiting for WELCOME package from CITI. I spoke three times to banks rep over the phone to find out where the problem is with no results... Well one month later I received nothing, and I gave up on this insane business.

AC De Los Santos
AC De Los Santos · 19 April 2022
Branch review: Oak Brook Branch

We walked into this Citibank Oak Brook branch to inquire about international bank transfers. Brian Morris NMLS ID: 576528 was called from one of the back rooms by a teller to tend to us. We asked Mr. Morris questions regarding transfers from abroad from one Citibank to a US Citibank, and he said they are different and can't be done. Ok. Then we asked other questions to which he replied to all of them, "I don't know...I don't know..." Very dismissive, as if we were a burden on his time. He maintained his crossed hands, as if to suggest he was professional and calm yet, could not answer basic questions. We then asked how we could accomplish what we needed done, to which he replied, "You would need a Citigold Account for that," and that was that. For a Citigold account, a monthly balance of $200,000 is required. We were not offered an opportunity to open this account. There was just silence on Mr. Morris' end.

We then decided to visit a different Citibank branch (Lombard). A teller warmly greeted us upon entering. We expressed to her what we needed done, and she immediately mentioned it was possible with Citibank's "Global Transfer" service. She introduced us to a personal banker and answered all of our questions, in detail. Needless to say, a friendship was established with this visit to the Lombard branch.

We went back to the Oak Brook branch to speak with the branch manager, Lydia Casas, to inform her about our experience with one of her staff. The teller said she was on a conference call and could not meet with us. Our contact number was taken and was told she would get back with us. We're still waiting.

V Duncan
V Duncan · 14 April 2022
Branch review: Ridgewood Branch

Citibank offers a bonus when opening a new checking account - careful when considering the offer because in our case they "forgot" to credit the bonus after the promised 3-4 months. A ticket was opened and still no bonus after 4 days. Not sure whether the branch or the corporate is to blame but this maybe customer neglect or incompetence or process issue. Bad no matter what reason.

Natalie Sorokina
Natalie Sorokina · 10 March 2022
★★★★★ Branch review: Riverdale Branch

Excellent long term employees, that know and respect clients and sublet matter experts on banking products and services.

CJ Bass
CJ Bass · 22 February 2022
Branch review: Jacksonville Branch

i opened my account a week ago and transfered 250k to them, they have since locked my account and the funds are unavailable and they refuse to talk to me without the acct number that they have not provided and thye cant even answer the question of when and how am i going to receive thhis number, my 250k is missing and it has been a week and im stressed out, they suck, Im about to close all accounts with them.

-- · 8 February 2022
Branch review: San Marcos Branch

Staff here do not know what ways to accomplish simple standard customer service transactions. My debit card worked only once, no interest in that problem. I wanted to transfer money out, I gave my receiving bank instructions in writing, a teller said no, you have to tell us to initiate the transfer, I told her she was wrong. Then I told Mr Frances the branch manager what happened, he made NO COMMENT at all.... Phobe service is the WORST, over 5 days I called them 10 times with one problem, I kept being bounced from department A to B to C to A to B to C, accomplishing NOTHING in over at least THREE HOURS... should have bee 10 minutes...

Andrew Baum
Andrew Baum · 29 December 2021

I could not reach anyone at Citibank regarding the family safe deposit box. CITI'S VRU is impenetrable. And no one picks up at the branch before you are transferred. crappy customer service.

Chassica Vincent
Chassica Vincent · 27 December 2021
Branch review: Jacksonville Branch

I need a lawer to look over all this they did the same to me on christmas day.

Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy · 23 December 2021
★★★★★ Branch review: Ave of the Americas & 23rd St Branch

They back u up when u see a problem they are very good bank, the tellers all know us all well excellent bank.

Paul Tse
Paul Tse · 21 October 2021
Branch review: 19th & Taraval Branch

Bad customer service inside this place. Plus the pen at the front inside the bank on the glass top with the cable attached to it, there is no ink inside the pen, is a empty ink pen for the last times when I was there in October 2021. That is call bad customer service to anyone could not use that pen when they enter this Citibank to make any checks deposits or any deposits at all at this location. The manager have to go and replace it with a new Citibank manager from a different location, if Citibank wants more people to do business over there. The bank tellers are not friendly at all inside this 19th Ave and Taravel Street Citibank.

Randal Zidon
Randal Zidon · 13 September 2021
★★★★ Branch review: Laurel Lakes Branch

It appears that Banking in this Country has really dropped to the extremes of darkness! Since the '80s they do not answer the telephone and they do not share information when asked! It is a shame the state of this country's Businesses and the way they conduct Business! I have called wanting some information on a check that was drawn on a branch that was closed and no Cares after 30 minutes I finally talked with a gentleman that had me call 302-323-3600! So I tried this Number and the office was closed! Too Bad so Sad!!! No One has the correct answer for anything in this day and age of Slackers and I want this for Nothing???

Helen and Andy DePirro
Helen and Andy DePirro · 10 September 2021
Branch review: Jacksonville Branch

I am thoroughly disappointed with Citibank. You can't speak to an English/American representative all of the reps speak with a deep Indian accent. Their webpage provided me with a pop-up to contact a customer service rep and I was routed to someone who identified themselves as an employee and after they were able to access my account it was hacked and $30,000 was stolen from my account by a bitcoin hacker. No one at Citibank has helped us or appears to care about our loss.

Lucrecia Calle
Lucrecia Calle · 17 May 2021
★★★★★ Branch review: Broadway & 207th St Branch

In this branch Clients receive a personalized service. I recommend this bank to any person that wants to built up his/her credit score in short time. Receiving an approval for a personal loan is more easy at Citi Bank than at Chase or TD bank.

Cynthia Arthur
Cynthia Arthur · 15 April 2021
Branch review: San Juan Capistrano Branch

Tried relentlessly to call bank and got constant run around. Would like to talk to a real person at my bank. I just rec'd. a threat prank call from Citi Bank and wanted to report it.

Ysabelle Castro
Ysabelle Castro · 24 March 2021
★★ Branch review: New Castle Branch

Is this bank open not permanently closed or operating still continue operating

Myra Hauptman
Myra Hauptman · 23 March 2021
Branch review: Palos Verdes Branch

I have not had a box with your bank for years, are you kidding me!!!?? Interesting you should wake up now!

Coco Galeano
Coco Galeano · 16 March 2021
★★ Branch review: Surfside Branch

I am trying to call the branch but no one answers. My a account officer does not reply my emails. I live abroad and my account was closed. Need someone to contact me urgently.

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