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U.S. Bank has an overall customer satisfaction rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars based on 103 votes and 23 reviews & complaints for 3045 branches. Below you can read unbiased reviews, complaints and comments for branches or the bank in general. You can also share your own toughts and complaints about U.S. Bank using the form below.


Sherry L. Kisamore · 18 May 2019
Branch review: Priest River Branch

Customer for 39 years. No more. USBank has deteriorated to crap. No more. Ever.

Tim Gruskovak · 15 February 2019
★★★★★ Branch review: Lyons Branch

I do my Banking at US Bank and as far as I know there should be no reason to close this location ...it is conveniently located for Lyons and Stickney and Forest View ... Riverside ....why would you close this location that services not only Lyons residents but also other communities with such a convenient location.... DO NOT close the Lyons location !!!!

Annie Melber · 28 January 2019
Branch review: Cape William Street Branch

These people that work here are the worst at customer service ever. My daughter has an acct at Usbank we opened in High school, she is in Cape for nursing school. She received a check from her insurance company for her car getting hit and they would not let her deposit it, not call the insurance company, nor even try to help her or look at her. She has to make a trip up here to Crystal City to deposit it into her bank acct.

Mark Groher · 21 December 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: East Southern Avenue Safeway Branch

I would like to thank those finding time for giving me the information necessary as to my retirement in Sunland VIllage East... Thanks Mark Groher

Theresa Jacoby · 8 December 2018
Branch review: Lebanon Branch

The ATM is always "down!" REPLACE IT NOW!

M Kathleen Dougherty · 19 September 2018
Branch review: Great Eastern Branch

I have been a long time customer of US Bank and I have always had good experiences at the Great Eastern Branch. Today (9/19/18) was very different. When I entered the bank, there were two tellers at two windows, with one teller waiting on the only other customer. At the other window, the teller was engaged in conversation with another bank employee and occasionally checking her phone. After waiting 5 minutes, I approached this teller because I thought that she hadn't seen me, plus there was no sign at this teller's window to indicate that she was not available to help me. Immediately, the bank employee talking to this teller, loudly told me to step back and that Stephanie, the other teller currently waiting on another customer, would help me when she was free. Stephanie did graciously help me when she completed helping the other customer. I completed my transaction at 1:54 p.m. This experience with the other teller and the bank employee chatting with her was uncalled for and left me humiliated. Hopefully, this information will be conveyed to the bank manager so that it will not be repeated with another US Bank customer.

It is hoped that my comments will reach Great Eastern Bank Manager Jason Williams

Pat Svacina · 12 August 2018
★★★ Branch review: Plymouth Branch

My husband and I have banked at the Plymouth location for over 30 years.In this period of time the parking lot and driveway has been patched once or twice. I have asked several people that work at this branch if the parking lot will be fixed. One man said corporate does not intend to fix the lot. I believe this is complete disrespect of the customers. I have a bad back, and I cannnot take the pot holes anymore. The driveway looks like a third world country. There are several banks in this area that probably want the long-suffering customers of us bank to drive on smooth comcrete and visit their locations,and deposit their hard earned money. This is a disgrace. Goodwill on Vicksburg has been resurfaced 2 times in a short period ot time.

Scott Hannum · 15 July 2018
Branch review: Junction City Branch

J.c u.s bank was the worst thank that I have ever used I went in the bank to deposit over $500 was ask for ID when I ask why I was quoted on the new marijuana policies that the federal government is enforcing on the bank I was asked of several times times what's the abbreviation for the state that I was originally from on my ID because I was from another state not being Oregon it was the worst feeling ever I melted right on the spot and felt like I was being accused of doing something wrong I immediately cleared my account out

Erin Noel Wilson · 16 March 2018
Branch review: Barry Road Branch

Extremely disappointed with this branch so far. My debit card was supposed to be ordered to arrive at the bank and they said they'd let me know when it arrived. A month went by, still no card. So I called the customer service number and had them send me another. Today I received my card but was unable to activate it because the account was closed. Upon investigation they told me the account was closed because they were awaiting confirmation of address. Unfortunately I've already been into the branch with a copy of my lease (she even made a copy of it) and was told that was all they needed. It took a lot for me to start a new bank account because I've been let down by every other bank and I had high hopes for US Bank but the lack of organization has changed my mind.

Kealoha McGee · 16 January 2018
Branch review: Lebanon Branch

Bad experience with Hartville Branch Manger and rude unhelpful Branch Manager Trista Kaffenberger first chance we have we will close our accounts and transfer funds to Progressive Bank in Hartville. They are a Bank who serves the needs of there customers.

Nasim Mashhadi · 9 December 2017
Branch review: Magnolia Avenue Vons Branch

Most disgusting display of customer service, lady told me over the phone before I drove down there they had enough cash to cash my check but when I got there they said they didn't for non customers which we know was a fib because a friend at another branch said that's not how it works. Liars and I will always tell people to never use us bank!!! The check was from my mom so I will be closing her account for sure. She gave us a card saying her name is Brinder Kaur and even that I think was a lie.

Javier Ochoa · 2 November 2017
Branch review: Baldwin Park Walmart Branch

My wife & I had to get some things at our local Wal-Mart and we also googled western union and saw it was located in the bank department, we stop by to find out about their serves for western union and was treated so rudely and was turned away for not opening an account with them. I've never known or heard of the rule so I was shocked. This branch needs help in customer serves. Horrible place to go.

Vesta Kohl Budhu · 23 October 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: Santa Clarita Branch

Excellent branch. employees are always cordial. I deal with Sally most of the time. She knows what she is doing, is always friendly, and always has a smile. If she doesn't have an answer, she will find out for you and get back to you.

Brendan Bounds · 22 September 2017
Branch review: Laurie Branch

I was in this branch getting change for my manger. The young gal that helped me couldn't count back my change due she kept shaking, dropping money. (Drugs?)I have been in this bank regularly for about a year now. I have not had these problems with others that work at this branch. I would suggest keeping up on mandatory drug screening when working at a bank.

Thomas Webb · 18 September 2017
★★★ Branch review: San Camillo Retirement Center Branch

When I called the number listed above for the San Camillo branch all I got was the fax line screeching

Talun Thomas · 8 June 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: Mayfield Heights Walmart Branch

Danielle is the best manager of any bank I have done business with. I love this bank.

Mike Wolford · 7 June 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: Camino Al Norte Smith's Branch

allways very friendly and quick

Mason Cooper · 4 December 2016
Branch review: Sherwood Walmart Branch

Just walked in and tried to ask, I believe her name was Danielle, behind the counter if they were open. She looked up from texting on her personal phone and shushed me. So rude. After she was done texting on her phone, she had an attitude with me. All I wanted to do was deposit a check. It's people like this that have killed customer service. Terrible.

Vera Kasselik · 2 November 2016
Branch review: Brookings Branch

unable to connect to see bankstatements at evergreen bank and us bank in brookings, oregon

Fantasia Chester · 24 August 2016
Branch review: Oak Park Branch

Hi, this particular branch in Oak Park is ridiculous. They NEVER try to accommodate the customer in any way, everything is written in stone with them and they have a very nonchalant attitude. I closed my account with them because they were considered as my branch, worse customer service ever.

Mickey Tagliaferri · 20 July 2016
Branch review: Granada Hills Ralphs Branch

I submitted a coupon for my checks to be printed by deluxe a month ago and have received or heard nothing as of 7/20/2016 i.ve called and left messages asking what;s the problem and got no response this hardly a way to do business mignon tagliaferri
phone 98180366-5455
e-mail capitalgame@socal.rr.com

Please be kind enough to give me an answer

Be Heard · 8 April 2016
★★ Branch review: Forest Lake Branch

I bank here all the time... They got rid of everyone and now they are full of individuals that do not want to work and personal bankers who refuse to help... I had the worst experience! They were telling me that they could not get records I needed for the last tax year... What you are a bank?! Now I have had to come back for other records and there are ten people working, no other customers but everyone is to busy to help me?!

Tamra Yagle · 14 January 2016
★★★★★ Branch review: Madison Branch

Excellent, convenient facility. Everyone who works at this branch is pleasant, knowledgeable and great to work with.

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